Inspidea and Kidsco announce Boo and Me season 2

By AMRITA VALECHA | 2 November, 2010 - 17:03

Kuala Lumpur based Inspidea has started production on the second season of Boo & Me. The show builds on KidsCo's original content portfolio and will debut exclusively on KidsCo in 93 regions from spring 2011.

Boo & Me season 2 will continue to follow the mischievous orangutan, Boo Aiman and his cousin Yasmin. The show retains its aim to increase kid's awareness of the importance of conservation and caring for the environment. Speaking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Andrew Ooi, Managing Director, Inspidea shared "For the second season, Boo is a little more active as a green warrior. He is more aware of actions or situations that are not environmentally sound. We not only discover more of his personality but we also know more about Aiman and Yasmin."

Paul Robinson, Managing Director at KidsCo said: "While tackling more difficult topics, we are retaining the values of the Boo and Me series one. The 5 R's continue to be our mantra; reduce, re-use, recycle, re-new and respect. The show is still about the environment, with the "family" of Boo, Aiman and Yasmin central to the show, still original content and still exclusive to KidsCo. We were delighted with the results of Boo & Me series one, especially across the Middle East territories, and are thrilled to be working with Inspidea again."

Andrew further shared, "We have grown a lot since our first season. We can anticipate each other's opinion and work through our differences while still be supportive of each other's ideas. It's the way co-pro supposed to be."

Paul shared a few topics that will cover in Boo & Me season 2. He said, "The show retains its aim to increase kids' awareness of the importance of conservation and caring for the environment. However, the topics in the new series will be different. Here are a few of the subjects we tackle Fire - We look at the dangers of forest fires and how they can destroy habitats, and at the same time teach children about the dangers of fire.

Noise pollution - Boo loves his musical cans (season 1) but so do other orangutans that keep the whole family up at night.... in this episode Boo is also disturbed by loud horns on vehicles and even by a radio playing too loudly and so learns the importance of respecting others. Boo goes to school - Boo attends class with Aiman and Yasmin, for the first time, and in the geography class learns about conservation - at break time he finds that children have left taps running in the bathroom and they all learn not to waste water. Wasting water - Boo has a rest after the children go to school, and decides to run a bath, but falls asleep and has a nightmare that the house is flooded and he is chased by hungry vultures... fortunately he wakes up and enjoys a lovely splash in the bath tub.

"Inspidea is a very creative and professional company to work with and it has been a huge advantage developing Boo & Me with a local production company. It's important we give a true reflection of the local community, so having a local production company working with us has made the world of difference. Moreover, Inspidea has benefitted from working with KidsCo because we can bring an international perspective to the creative process. They have benefitted from the creative expertise of Raja Masilamani, Consultant Creative Director at KidsCo and the animation experience of my own, formally global head of programming for Disney, experience on how best to creative and execute a successful animation." Paul concluded.