Produced by : Digidream Animation Studio

Current Status : In Production

Deals in place : Nil

Looking for : Investor

Format : 3D Feature Film

Duration : 90 min

This story began when people transmigrated their settlement to mountains surrounding polder, during their settlement there were some strange events happened, people and animals were missed. Thus people asked for help from a hermit named Suthep, he told them to name their town as Haripunchai and also build spiral walls around the town to prevent any danger. Moreover they took a message to Lavo, the great kingdom at that time to erect someone to be their paramount. The king of Lavo erected his beautiful daughter named princess Jamadevi to be their queen.

She departed from Lavo to Haripunchai with her cavalcade and flock.

After getting in the town of the queen, there were unexpected things happened.

There was a tribe named Lua they lived on the top of the mountains which were surrounding Hariphunchai, Lua was a barbaric tribe, they caused of the missing of the people and animals. Lua's leader was Visungkha, he unsatisfied that there were another group of people lived in his areas and also he had seen how beautiful the queen was, he fail in love with her and this made him want to take over the throne.

He commandeered 30,000 people to assail Haripunchai where had only 10,000 people to against.The queen used her intelligent to plan a smart strategy until she defeated Lua's army.

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