Tiger Heart

Produced by : KANYA Animation Co.,Ltd. (THAILAND)

Current Status : In Production

Deals in place : N/A

Looking for : Pre-Sale, Distributor

Format : 2D Animation (TV Series), Comics

Duration : 22x26 mins

There is the legend saying of the four worlds of the fighter, namely the world of demons, the world of machinery, the world of animals and the world of human beings that was known as the most weakened stock where the world of demons was the strongest lineage who tried to dominate the remaining three stocks. However, the world of animals had become the world of the extreme power of the fighters, that was the power of the tiger heart, a divine being who possessed the strength of power in using the formidable weapons and discovered the truth of fighting using only the body that has the superpower over any kinds of weapon and also to protect this world by integrating all the forces into a god of the tiger who had been told to be disappeared from this world for several thousand years ago, but he was seen by someone who told mouth to mouth that this tiger god had been living in the center of the forest in the world of animals.

This saying made the world of demons to become worried and started to hunt this tiger god to take his heart to be integrated into power for the absolute occupation of all worlds. This lion god knew very well that he was pursued by the world of demons, he therefore evaded into the world unexpected by his enemy, that is the world of human beings who must protect this knowledge. The young active businessman who did not like the fighting and the forceful actions was conferred by the tiger god this power, making him to decide to change and struggle against his new life that he had to be obliged and discovered his righteousness.

Contact person & details: Surapong Wetsuwanmanee, Email: [email protected], Web: www.kanyaanimation.com