Image Venture establishes Singapore & UK subsidiaries; Interview with Exec. Dir. K.R. Senthil Kumar

By CHAITRA SHETTY | 9 May, 2011 - 13:03

Image Venture is on an expansion mode. The Chennai headquartered animation studio has established offices in UK and Singapore and is currently working at building teams there.

Apart from having an ongoing association with KidsCo for festival ident production and co developing ‘Project X‘ (unnamed 26X11 min animation TV series) with it, the company is also developing 5 new properties of its own.‘s Chaitra Shetty spoke to K.R. Senthil Kumar, Executive Director at Image Venture to get up to date with the company‘s latest happenings.

What is the latest at Image Venture?
Image Venture has expanded into UK and Singapore by opening its 100% subsidiaries. In 2010-11, the company will focus in the areas of outsourced content development and IP Productions in 5 verticals - Animation, VFX, E-learning, Gaming and Architecture. We expect to build revenue of more than USD 2 Million by the way of OCD Services and invest to the tune of USD 5 Million in 2 productions for the year 2010-11.

We are already being recognized as one of the best creative teams in India with a robust production pipeline, with track record to complete 360 degree 3D animation projects.

The properties that we have currently in production are

* The Wish Fish- 3D animated feature film coproduced with the "Baleuko - leading Spanish animation production house at the cost of Euros 3.5 Million and scheduled to be completed by December 2011.

* Project X- 11 minute x 26 episodic animated adventure series co-produced along with UK based television channel KidsCo, produced at USD 3.4 Million and will go on air by mid 2012.

We are also negotiating very important deals with leading US, Australian and UK Producers.

Image Venture has shared a great working relation with KidsCo. What makes the two companies gel so well?
It is really a great pleasure to work together with one of the world‘s biggest international Kid‘s Channel KidsCo. We have a very good understanding with their creative and business perspective, which really helps to grow together with them.

What are the new properties that Image Venture is developing?
Following new properties are under development:

    JUNIOR NEWTON - 11 minute x 26 episodic animated series of edutainment value. We‘ll start production by mid 2012.

    BOMMI & FRIENDS "SAVING DIWALI" - 90 Minute feature film of International Home Video quality target the theatrical market in India and DVD retail globally. Its preproduction will start in 2012 and it is expected to get released to public by 2013.

    ONKEY DONKEY - 90 Minute feature film of International theatrical quality for global audience. Its pre-production will start in 2012 and expected to get released to public by 2014.

    AYIRATHIL ORUVAN - 120 Minute feature film adapted and remade from the Tamil classic feature by recreating the legendary MGR in realistic form and adapt a global appeal for International theatrical release. Preproduction will start in 2012 and expected to get released to public by end of 2014 or 2015.

Image Venture has been doing idents production along with IP development, so what according to you is the company focus?
As explained earlier, the company has a strong focus in services also. In 2009 -10 our company produced more than 12 animated TV commercials for leading brands in India & Overseas. We have front end Business Development team which focus on building revenues in the areas of Animation, VFX, E-Learning, Gaming and Architecture.

Looking at 2011, what is the Image Venture plan for the year?
Looking to achieve over 2 Million USD in services, take "Bommi & Friends" from 47 Countries to more than 80 countries, successfully complete the Feature film and TV series which is in production and start building teams in Singapore and UK.