Digieffects Integrates Workflow-Enhancing Innovations into Delirium & Damage Family of VFX Plug-Ins

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 24 May, 2011 - 14:53

Digieffects announced today that it has integrated powerful, innovative workflow-enhancing technology into its family of Delirium v2 and Damage v2 VFX plug-ins, significantly accelerating the editing and VFX workflow for Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro artists. By integrating powerful AutoAnimate capabilities into several of its plug-ins, Digieffects is enabling editors and VFX artists to seamlessly drop an effect on any clip in a Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro timeline and instantly see animated results, in real time with no rendering.

Typically available in high end VFX solutions not accessible to independents, smaller boutique agencies and students, Digieffects AutoAnimate capability significantly accelerates the editing and VFX workflow and eliminates the tedium of manually animating parameters of the effects to test their viability in the shot, which is an extremely time consuming and impractical process for editors and VFX artists on a deadline. There is no need to keyframe any of the controls unless users want to adjust a certain parameter over the course of time.

"Digieffects‘ AutoAnimate innovation is another example of how we‘re empowering everyone in the market with very sophisticated workflow solutions at price points that fit today‘s constricted budgets", said Robert Sharp, President, Digieffects. "We have an extremely talented team of developers here at Digieffects that implicitly understand that VFX solutions are not simply about delivering visually stunning results. It‘s also about delivering workflow efficiencies and eliminating the obstacles that slow our customers down. And we‘re doing it all at a price point that enables our customers to deliver high value results without draining their budget."

Digieffects AutoAnimate: How it Works
Digieffects AutoAnimate technology enables Delirium v2 and Damage v2 users to easily drop an effect onto a clip in the editing timeline and see the animated results in real time. This significant workflow enhancing capability eliminates the need for artists to manually animate the different parameters of the plug-in to test the viability of the look in each shot. The manual key framing process is extremely slow and tedious and often takes valuable time away from the edit and slows down the post-production process. When the user selects the Delirium or Damage plug-in that works for the shot, they can simply adjust the controls within the settings and that effect will be AutoAnimated.

Delirium v2 includes 45 effects in 5 categories, such as Phenomena, Colour, Patterns & Distortions, Mood and Compositing Tools. Additionally, the Delirium v2 family of VFX plug-ins are available for purchase individually as part of the Company‘s a la carte offerings. Delirium v2 plug-ins enabled with AutoAnimate include:

    * Bubbles
    * Crazy Stripes
    * Electrical Arcs
    * Fairy Dust
    * Fire
    * Fireworks
    * FogFactory
    * Muzzle Flash
    * Nexus
    * Rainfall
    * Smoke
    * Snowstorm
    * Sparks
    * Stargate

Damage v2 includes 7 effects to artistically degrade footage, including Aged Film, Archive, Blockade, Destabilizer, Interference, Overexpose and Skew, and are all enabled with AutoAnimate capability.

Digieffects‘ entire family of VFX plug-ins are available immediately and are priced as follows:

    * Delirium V2: $299.00
    * Damage V2: $99.00
    * Buena Depth Cue V2: $199.00

For more information and pricing on Digieffects a la carte options, please visit www.digieffects.com.