KidsCo acquires exclusive children's content from CCI Entertainment

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 22 October, 2010 - 16:36

KidsCo announces that it has signed a content deal with Canadian distributor, CCI Entertainment Ltd. CCI's children's programming will be made available across Australia on KidsCo starting in December this year and Western Europe from January 2011.

KidsCo will build on its existing coverage of Western Europe and Australia by strengthening its programming portfolio with CCI's much-loved animated series Turbo Dogs and Monster by Mistake as well as 30 minute animated movie True meaning of Crumbfest which will premiere in Australia in December of this year. The Turbo Dogs series, consisting of 52 11 minute episodes is a collaboration between CCI Entertainment and New Zealand's Huhu Studios. It will premiere on KidsCo across both Western Europe and Australia in January of 2011. Monster by Mistake, consists of 26 episodes of 22 minutes and will launch on KidsCo in September 2011 in both Western Europe and Australia.

Eileen McCarthy, Programme Director of KidsCo, comments: "We are thrilled to have secured the exclusive first run of Turbo Dogs. The stories focus on age-appropriate social-emotional themes like cooperation and fair play, and ground them in stories that are fast, funny and engaging. Monster by Mistake is an equally fantastic show, absolutely rammed with comical possibilities. The shows we have chosen from CCI's portfolio match perfectly with KidsCo's objective to broadcast content with international appeal, the shows and the movie are great reflections of our global reach."

Paul Robinson, Managing Director of KidsCo, added: "Turbo Dogs combines cool cars and cartoon canines with engaging stories that aim to capture the imagination of 4 - 8 year olds, fitting perfectly within our own target audience of pre-schoolers and 6 - 10 year olds. These new shows complement our broad portfolio of content including original programming, such as Jass Time! and Boo & Me. Parents can feel confident that when their child watches KidsCo, they are going to have a great time, be entertained and gently educated, all in a safe environment."

Jill Keenleyside, Executive Vice President of Distribution at CCI Entertainment added, "We are really happy to have established a relationship with KidsCo, one that we hope to build on for years to come. We believe that the series' and movie they have acquired will provide value to their children's slate and we look forward to working with them"