Rainmaker Interactive launches traditional Thai life game, ‘Thai Spice’ on Facebook

By FARHATNAZ ANSARI | 11 July, 2011 - 16:24

Rainmaker Interactive, a leading developer for interactive multimedia in Thailand has recently launched new culture based social game of traditional Thai life on Facebook known as ‘Thai Spice’. The game is supported by the office of contemporary art, Ministry of Culture Thailand.

Thai Spice is a living culture social game where you can enjoy the traditional life as a Thai. Starting from building a house, you can plant some crops, own some farm animals, harvest their products, and then sell them to earn more Satangs. You can combine various kinds of agricultural yields to process value added OTOP – One Town One Product, using local know-how. Food workshop produces jam, fruits candies and preserved foods. Implement workshop makes silk, mats, baskets and more.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific about the response the game has got so far,Linda Komalarajun, Manager, Rainmaker Interactive said, “Players ask for more and more. More land, more mission, more items, more Thai recipe. We have 1,800 Monthly Active Users so far, without PR/advertisement yet”.

Rainmaker’s team took 10 months to complete developing and designing the Beta version of this game. The music is especially composed for Thai Spice. It is a traditional rhythm which is a bit modified to contemporary Thai.

Speaking about the game-play she continued, “Build your house on the terrain and this house can be self-upgraded when player has higher status. You can build more houses so more villagers can move in and plant some vegetables and harvest when they are ready (indicated by yellow arrow). One can build a Town Hall as a social meeting place.

You can talk to any villager wandering in front of the Town Hall to see if there is any new event or mission to complete. Some villagers give away rare items. All recipes produced in the workshop and events attended will be kept as record in the "Book of Thai".

Established in 1998, Rainmaker Interactive Company Limited is well known for its creativity and expertise in Interactive CD-ROM, Web Design & Online Applications, Flash Animation, Game Design, and Digital VDO & Motion Graphic. They are currently planning iPhone apps, probably with the characters from Thai Spice and are also interested in developing a short on Thai Spice but want it to be in the model of co- production.