YMK Films out now with its new series Kimchi Warriors”

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 12 April, 2012 - 18:39

USA based company YMK Films recently developed its new series “Kimchi Warriors”. It is a web series that focuses on a young warrior, really a superhero, who eats kimchi in order to gain supernatural powers.

Kimchi warrior has each episode running about 5 min and has completed 15 out of a target of 25 episodes. It is targeted to pre-teens. It is made by several artists from Los Angeles and Indian company 3DZing and Indian artists such as, Vinu Thomas (artist supervisor), Anil Ap (layout supervisor), Suresh Ec (key animator) and Rony Vijayan (animator) with the aid of softwares like Photoshop, After Effects, Flash and Final Cut Pro. Kimchi Warrior is available on Youtube and the LG VOD site in South Korea. They even have an English version and an English with Korean subtitles version.

The story revolves around the Kimchi Warrior who defends mankind from the world’s most notorious diseases (i.e. The Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Malaria, SARS etc) as he fights and defeats the evil, deadly (and frequently funny) monsters that spread these infections. Aiding the fearless hero is his secret weapon; Kimchi, the most popular food in Korea. When trouble strikes, The Kimchi Warrior (like Popeye the Sailor and his Spinach) munches a mouthful of Kimchi and is endowed with the super-strength he needs to smash the bad guys. And there’s always new bad guys representing the diseases that Kimchi Warrior must battle. Each episode combines humor, action and educational content in a fast-paced blend of adventure and real-world health lessons.

Kimchi Warrior is a fun project, full of action, snarky humor and it’s also – in an entertaining way, teaches lessons about heath, shared by Young Man Kang, Creator /Director. When asked about the challenging part while developing the series Young Man Kang said that, “The first challenge was creating a superhero tied in with food, especially Kimchi, which is the national dish of Korea. The second challenge was, we casted voice-over of actors from Hollywood. Some of them knew Kimchi, but most of them had never even heard of it. I had to explain and educate them on the food and culture of a different country. Then there was the budget which was tiny – shoe string – that’s always a challenge for all filmmakers and animators.”

Talking to AnimationXpress, Young Man Kang said that, “Kimchi is geting popular in the US, I saw Trader Joe's selling Kimchi and Kimchi fried rice. We want to promote Kimchi to people globally after they watch the show. We hope they will try Kimchi and will like it, and eat it to help maintain good health. That's our goal to do for Kimchi what Popeye did for Spinach!

Apart from Kimchi Warrior, YMK Films want to develop some of their “guest start” characters such as Curry Warrior and Onggi Bot. “Kimchi Warrior” is highly successful animated web-series and is now being developed into an animated TV series. They are interested in connecting with potential buyers, production companies, distribution, animation studios, producers, investors, TV executives, and sponsors, shared by Young Man Kang.