PASI's co pro 'Producing Parker' to be aired on Global TV in Dec '09

By AMRITA VALECHA | 2 October, 2009 - 17:32

Philippines: Makati based Philippines Animation Studio (PASI) is developing Producing Parker in co-production with Canadian based Breakthrough Animation and Canwest Global and will air on Global TV(Canada) beginning September 27, ‘09. The 13 X 22 mins, flash animated series was debuted in Tvtropolis in May 2009.Tvtropolis is a Canadian English language cable television specialty channel owned by Canwest Media Inc. and Rogers Media.

The project started in July 2008 and PASI completed work on the series this July 2009. While Breakthrough took care of the pre production and post production, the animation of Producing Parker was done at PASI. A total no of 70 artists from PASI have worked for Producing Parker.

Unlike other animated shows targeted to children, Producing Parker is targeted to 18- 35 years.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Jun Camerino Studio Manager & CFO, PASI said, "With very witty and excellent writing combined with flash animation at its best, Producing Parker will definitely create a trend and mark in the animation industry."

The main character is Parker Kovak, a very diligent but struggling TV Producer for "The Dee Show", a TV daytime talk show hosted by Dee. "The Dee Show" sells the viewers the myth of "having it all" through egocentric Dee. Parker's everyday adventures and misadventures are tackled on each episode. The other main characters are Dee (voiced by Kim Catrall of the The Sex and the City); Massimo (Parker's talking pet dog); Blake (TV executive boss) and Simon (writer and friend of Parker). Dee makes the world and life of Parker Kovak crazy, difficult but interesting.

Other then producing its own series, PASI is also doing animation on Johnny Test for a fee for a Canadian company. This 26 x 11 mins, flash animated series is targeted at pre teen kids. The studio started working on the animation last May 09.