Egg Story Digital Arts School to organise seminar on 3D Stereoscopic Technology

By AMRITA VALECHA | 2 March, 2010 - 15:40

Singapore based Egg Story Digital Arts School (ESDA) is all set to organise its Seminar Series TWO on the 3rd March to 5th March at the Red Dot Traffic Museum, Singapore. The (ESDA)Seminar Series TWO will take a close look at Stereoscopic 3D technology and aims to bring about industry appreciation for stereoscopic content, discuss and explore its potential as well as map its technological developments internationally both in Singapore and across the region.

The event is supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), Singapore Exhibition & Conventions Bureau (STB-SECB) and also the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific about the main focus of the event, Chris Tan, General Manager of ESDA shared, "Three-dimensional experiences are taking over the film experience at movie theaters in 2009, featuring revolutionary innovative experiences using 3D technology and are the first of our next-generation systems to fully feature three-dimensional stereoscopic technology. The commercial success of such movies as Coraline, Monsters v/s Aliens, UP and many 3D features in the pipeline provides clear signs that this is a key industry moving over from this decade of 3D animated films to "Real" 3D contents. Seminar Series TWO takes a close look at Stereoscopic 3D technology from an academic, production and commercial perspective to encourage the discussion of the critical domain knowledge and to drive our industry forward in Singapore."

Attendees will meet industry experts such as Peter Hillman (Weta Digital), of 'Avatar' fame, Jim Heji (formerly with Electronic Arts and currently in AMD as principal member of the technical staff), and also Cruz deWilde who worked on A Christmas Carol.

Speaking about the expected turnout at the event Chris shared, "We are expecting a turnout of industry players, government agencies as well as the media business community to respond to this event. We expect the total turnout to be around 350 to 400 participants."

The seminar is a unique blend of 3 strategic areas - the Arts, the Technology and the Business of filmmaking in 3D Stereoscopic, bringing the whole ecosystem of filmmaking in a 3 day seminar along with 3 days of Master Classes. The seminar will have industry experts to sharing their knowledge, networking opportunities, and aims to enhance the profile of the local media industry.

Giving his opinion on stereoscopic technology, Chris concluded "We have a very positive perspective of this technology, it's application and it's ability to develop further to greater usage in the future, more than just pretty pictures, we believe this is a serious business! There are definitely future plans for more seminars. We would like to create more educational platform in this sector to help shape our media industry."

One can register for the seminar at

Here is the complete program line up of the event


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
1000 - 1100
Session 1
R&D Software Engineer
Weta Digital (New Zealand)
Chief Executive Officer
Crest Animation (India)
Stereoscopic Supervisor
Enxebre Entertainment (Spain)
1100 -1300      
Session 2
Animator & storyboard artist
worked on Imagi’s Astro Boy
Technology Advisor and Partner
Real Vision Consultancy (USA)
Principal Member of Technical Staff
GPU Group, Office of the CTO
AMD Research
1300 - 1430      
Network Lunch
Network Lunch
Network Lunch
1430 - 1530      
Session 3
Hendra Kusuma
Lead Animator
Henry Low

Lead Concept Artist
Egg Story Creative Production (Singapore)
CEO and founder of Living3D Corporation (Canada/China)
Stereoscopic Technical Director
ImageMovers Digital
(A Walt Disney Company)
1530 - 1630      
Panel Discussion
Q & A Discussion
Scope of Stereoscopic Development
Q & A Discussion
Pretty Picture is Serious Business
Panel Discussion
The "Reality" in Stereoscopic