Lucasfilm Singapore to build 8 storey facility at Fusionopolis

By AMRITA VALECHA | 22 October, 2010 - 17:58

Lucasfilm has announced plans to build an eight storey facility in Singapore in Fusionopolis. The studio is rapidly outgrowing its current space in Changi Business Park as they continue to hire. Lucas has been looking for other alternatives for some time and building a complete new facility was the best option, as it allowed the studio to design a space that works for their long-term needs as it continues to grow. The new facility will have eight floors of office space, retail shopping space on the first floor, a public park area, elevated public gardens, a state-of-the-art data center and production capabilities as well as a 100 seat theatre.

The work on the Fusionopolis facility is slated to commence in early 2011 and the studio plans to movie its Singapore team and tenants in mid 2012.

Talking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific about moving the entire Lucas facility to Fusionopolis, Emilie Nicks, Director of Corporate Communications, Lucasfilm shared "Fusionopolis is great for our employees. In addition, building's creative environments that feature open space, exceptional technology and outstanding design is something uniquely Lucasfilm. All our campuses now will offer employees beautiful, creative, state-of-the art workplaces. The work coming out of our teams in Singapore -- television animation, feature animation, games and visual effects -- has been truly amazing and we look forward to continuing to grow each of those divisions in Singapore."

Lucasfilm Singapore houses four divisions namely TV Animation, Feature Animation, ILM Singapore and LucasArts Singapore. Emilie added, "We're actually expanding in all areas of our business, but global teams are an important part of that mix. A global team means 24-hour production cycles, expanded production capacity, more flexibility in our business, diversity in creative viewpoints and better access to international talent. We look forward to Singapore continuing to be an integral part of that global mix."

The studio has chosen Singapore as its grounds for expansion for a variety of reasons, including its advanced infrastructure, geographically central location, solid IP protection, cosmopolitan outlook, great education options for our employees with families, as well as that fact that it's an English-speaking country.