MIPCOM: Sparky to launch Kate Veale's Mr. Moon

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 17 September, 2009 - 16:32

SINGAPORE: Singapore based Sparky Animation in association with Skaramoosh(London) and Title Entertainment (Ottawa) have joined hands to adapt children’s book property Mr. Moon as a pre-school TV Series.

Mr. Moon the character is created by English writer illustrator Kate Veale who has several children’s titles to h her name. Among her top sellers are boo oks based on animal favourites Digsby the Mole; Will Squirrel; Oliver Otter; Drew the Shrew and Tom Mouse. Many of Kate Veale’s titles and her Christmas Book ha ave been translated and are sold in m many languages around the world. Also Kate’s property “Country Companions” has enjoyed a very wide merchandising and licensing base and has appealed to a very wide demographic across the board worldwide.

Sparky co-CEO, Jyotirmoy Saha added, “With Mr. Moon we have all worked hard to keep the vision simple yet e exciting. Throughout the series the characters do simple things and use simple gadgets like Magic Sunglasses; an all fitting Purse; a Supafast Rocket – all of which are easy for pre-school kids to relate to and possibly also have great licensing potential.”

Mr. Moon, his friends -Sunny, Silva Star, Goldstar and his little red Supafast Rocket will come to life in CGI with h stunning digital painted backgrounds. In all of the stories in the series, Mr. Moon and his friends go on adventures all around the universe exploring planets, stars, constellations, black holes, nebulae and galaxies. Sometimes the friends lose e track of time in these adventures but no matter what, they must always get back in time to take their rightful place in the n night sky.

Sparky founder Wong Kok Cheong added; “Space has always been in a source of unending mysteries but almost no books or TV shows have ever attempted to break down those mysteries for pre-school children. Mr. Moon the TV Series does just that through playful storytelling aand simplification of facts about the unive erse.” The 52 x 11’ series is being made in High Definition and will feature original composed songs and music in every episode. The co-producers are also expected to announce the line of broadcasters for the series well before the MIP Junior and MIIPCOM markets.

The series is already in production and delivery of all episodes is expected in May 2010.