Singapore's Time Voyager gets USD 3.3m funding co-led by East Gate Partners & Gobi Partners

By AMRITA VALECHA | 27 July, 2011 - 15:47

Time Voyager, a Singapore-headquartered online game developer with a China studio, today announced it has completed a US$3.3m round of equity funding co-led by East Gate Partners and Gobi Partners. Time Voyager is supported by the Interactive Digital Media R&D Programme Office hosted by Singapore Media Development Authority (MDA) and previously received Series A investment from SPRING SEEDS Capital together with strategic angel investors.

Time Voyager also announced that JD Yu, general partner of East Gate Partners, and Kay-Mok Ku, general partner of Gobi Ventures Partners, have joined its board of directors. "We are privileged to have venture capitalists of this caliber as investors," said Chris Loo, CEO and founder of Time Voyager. "This round of financing will accelerate our go-to-market strategy and set the trajectory for our next exciting phase of growth."

Time Voyager has developed core technologies including our in-house game engine with social network extensions. "Our unique approach in game engine design with social network-ready features will set a new benchmark in online game experience for players," said Xu Meng, Time

Voyager’s Game Producer. "We believe our company is ahead of the curve in this new genre of MMORPG."

Time Voyager’s technology highlights include JXEngine and InGameSNS, which dramatically reduces the footprint of download clients and provision of seamless social networking functionalities respectively.

"Time Voyager is well positioned to lead in the new class of social network-centric MMORPG," said JD Yu. "The Time Voyager team has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to take a time travel MMORPG concept into a new level of social media experience." "Despite a highly competitive landscape, the Time Voyager team delivered on very challenging product development milestones under tremendous pressure," said Kay-Mok Ku. "This resulted in a strong endorsement as well as publishing deal with a leading MMORPG publisher."

"We are pleased to also announce our inaugural publishing deal for Time Voyager’s flagship game with SEHK-listed Kingsoft," said Chris Loo. "To the best of our knowledge, this licensing agreement is the 1st such deal secured by an ASEAN MMORPG developer with a top 10 ranked online game publisher in China. We are particularly proud to show that Singapore is a strong contender as an animation & games development hub in South East Asia.” Time Voyager has  been in co-development with our strategic Chinese partner for more than 3 years. The MMORPG flagship game is currently undergoing Closed Beta phase and targeted to be ready for commercial launch by 2nd Quarter of 2012 in China.