Sky Vu's Battle Bears Game Achieves 1-Million iTunes Downloads in 30 days

By AMRITA VALECHA | 21 October, 2009 - 17:35

SINGAPORE: Singapore based SkyVu Productions' iPhone game, Battle Bears offering adorable animation, a tongue-in-cheek theme and intense bear-on-bear battle action has achieved 1-Million iTunes Downloads in 30 days.

Launched August 31st, and available exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch, "Battle Bears" went to Top Ten Apps on iTunes in just seven days and has remained in the top Paid Apps and Action/Adventure Games despite stiff competition.

At one million downloads, "Battle Bears" is comparable to the number of downloads from the entire Palm App Catalog through June 2009. "Battle Bears" has topped nearly all the 16,000 "great games" credited for the success of the Apple Apps.

Speaking to Animation Xpress Asia Pacific, Benjamin Vu, President, SkyVu Productions shared,"With "Battle Bears" quickly approaching 1.5 million downloads, I am very excited about it's international success across different age groups. Our team at SkyVu has a unique sense of humor and a love for character driven games. We're glad there are many fans that think the same way."

The objective of the game is to kill cuddly pink teddy bears who attempt to commit "huggacide" with deadly embraces to Oliver, an advanced robotic teddy bear with a lot of attitude.

""Battle Bears" version 1.5 will be released very soon and will include new levels, weapons, and crazy enemies like the BearZerker and a deadly Unicorn Armada. It's only going to get more insane and there's nothing like "Battle Bears" on the App Store. "Battle Bears" for the iPhone is just a small snippet into the "Battle Bears" UNIVERSE which I've written and designed long before the introduction of the iPhone. SkyVu is currently developing "Battle Bears" for other platforms which will continue to reveal more of the story line." He added.

Currently, SkyVu Productions is in talks with Top Five game publishers concerning licensing rights for the popular game. "Battle Bears" is available for 99 cents for a limited time on the iTunes App Store. Also available is a free, shorter version of "Battle Bears" that allows players to try out the game at no charge.