Tiny Island’s David Kwok talks about Singapore’s 1st 3D stereoscopic series, ‘Dream Defenders’

By AMRITA VALECHA | 9 March, 2011 - 15:31

Tiny Island Productions and Classic Media, has recently announced the launch of Singapore's first Stereoscopic TV show “Dream Defenders” a new CG-animated action-comedy series for 6-9 year olds. Tiny Island will distribute the series in North America and Asia whilst Classic Media will manage distribution across all media including consumer products in all other territories Worldwide. Excited about the release of the show in 2012, David Kwok, Tiny Island shares his experience of working on ‘Dream Defenders’ with AnimationXpress Asia Pacific’s Amrita Valecha.


When did Tiny Island start working on Dream Defenders? 
The entire process of concept creation, pitching and raising finances for the show took 2 years, with production starting last year. The journey has been very challenging and fruitful as we have developed new marketing strategies and production techniques through the process.

What made you change the name of the series from ZZZ Force to Dream Defenders?
The original concept we created was titled ZZZ Force. A team of writers from LA was later hired to develop the concept further for a television series, and based on title suggestions from them and in consultation with our distributor Classic Media, it was agreed that the title Dream Defenders would be used instead.

How did the deal with Classic Media happen?
We were looking for a major international distribution partner and had previously worked with the sales/distribution team from Entertainment Rights/Classic Media closely on other projects.  They had an excellent sales record and so we felt comfortable and confident working with the sales/distribution team again.

What is the exact deal between Tiny Island and Classic Media?
Classic Media has distribution rights for all territories except for Asia and North America, and also provides consultative creative advice in exchange for an executive producer credit.

Could you tell us a bit about the series? What message does it have for the kids?
The series is about a pair of twins - Zane and Zoey, who are on a mission to destroy nightmare monsters that are terrorising the Dreamworlds of the people around them. The wicked Icela, ruler of the Dreamworlds and her henchmen, are behind the nightmare monsters, in a bid to find a way to cross over into our world.

What made you do the series in stereo?
The action-comedic genre as well as the high production quality made the show excellent content for production also in stereo format.  Also, our market research had showed that there is a demand for high quality stereo content for both the broadcast and home entertainment markets.

What was the most challenging part for developing the series?
The most challenging part for developing the series is to ensure that the content has multi-platform potential.

What is the budget of the series?
The production budget of the series is US$5.2 million.

When will the series come on air? Have you signed any deals with broadcasters?
The series is tentatively scheduled to come on air in 2012. We are in currently in discussions with broadcasters in the US and Asia.

What has been the involvement of MDA?
MDA is a co-investor in the series.

Your anticipation from the series
So far, we have quite a fair bit of enquiries from buyers from US and Europe, Asia. Some of it is reaching the final stage of the deal. We are hoping to make some announcement in the 2nd quarters of 2011.