MatchMove Games unveils its social agenda

By ANIMATION XPRES... | 6 July, 2010 - 14:50

MatchMove Games has recently announced its plan to unite the masses through their social games and features.

Ensuring unity through communication

"Friends, like you, we believe in change! People of the world can rejoice at the introduction of our new social games," says Shailesh Naik, Chief Executive Officer of MatchMove Games. "In social games, you can share your hard work with other players. They in turn can brag about and celebrate your successes through global platforms of change like Yahoo! and Facebook."

MatchMove Games now offers the following new titles:

Happy Kitchen

A title where one learns the culinary arts and time management. Recruit other cooking buddies and build your dream kitchen!

Pet Party

An entertaining way to show how much you care . Show your benevolence and make an animal's life better!

Panda Paradise

An opportunity to spend quality time with majestic Pandas by clothing and showering them with love and gifts. Share the love!

The Triads

A look into the dangers of modern society, where evil gangs reign and the weak are trampled upon. Form alliances with your friends and dominate the streets!!

MatchMove Poker
A great revision of the best card game on earth: Texas Hold'em! Play against friends and rivals in real time. Don't go on tilt; remember that skill trumps luck in the long run!

In order to achieve maximum accomplishment and find true happiness, users are advised to invite and interact with friends online. Such social activity mirrors the goals of every state which is to bring peace and prosperity to one and all.

"We will bring joy to the millions of workers who deserve it," adds Naik. "We believe that providing these games to the millions of MatchMove faithful is the noblest of causes. Part of a prosperous life is feeling joy in achievement, and gaming brings a kind of happiness and inner peace that few other activities can match. They are our fellow truth-seekers, united through the joy of gaming, and we cannot do anything less for them."

A better world

MatchMove Games' advanced games platform now allows members to reach out to friends from all corners of the world, through social tools they already use like Yahoo! and Facebook. Users will now be able to record their noble accomplishments within MatchMove by way of the brand new My Profile page. They will also be able to purchase in-game items, great symbols of accomplishment, by using Mcash, MatchMove's highly valued currency.

The great new development programme of MatchMove Games includes the following:

1. Create a MatchMove account or sign in automatically using their existing Yahoo! or Facebook IDs.

2. Brand new social / multi-player game titles

3. Choose from hundreds of in-game items to own, purchased with Mcash or earned through in-game achievements

4. New My Profile page allows you to see your friends' accomplishments and show off your own

5. Earn Awards just by spending time on MatchMove Games and enjoying its new features

6. Discuss your exploits with other players in the revamped Forums

7. Play in your own language! Choose from English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese or Thai

Adding credibility to MatchMove's grand cause are its recently formed alliances with some of the region's biggest powers. Media powerhouses from both Singapore and Indonesia have joined the social networking movement, and users of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), Detik and Kompas will have access to all of the new content. It is expected that others will soon follow.

"We are close to creating a true online utopia, and we are confident in our ability to make the world a much better place," says Nelly Jimron, VP of Business Development. "It is now a place where all men, women and children are equal under one banner, and are free to pursue true happiness. These social games and features are nothing short of revolutionary! Come one, come all!"